How Qualmark helps you lift your game

By looking at all aspects of your business – from cleanliness to the extra services you provide, staff professionalism and management practices – Qualmark helps you strengthen the experience you offer. If helps you prioritise investments, identify where improvements can be made, and to keep you up to date with industry development and visitor expectation.

A health check for your business

The Qualmark evaluation system is your way to ensure the quality and delivery of your product stays consistent, year after year. The criteria that you need to meet are set by industry peers so they will always reflect market trends and visitor expectations. Criteria that you aren’t able to meet become a handy action plan for business improvement.

Personalised business advice

Each one of our Tourism Business Advisors is a respected expert, with years of real-life tourism business experience, specialised knowledge and contact with more than 200 tourism businesses every year. Working with a Tourism Business Advisor is a way to tap into valuable, totally independent wisdom.

Templates for fine tuning

All Qualmark licensees can use our specialised business tools – a collection of templates that help you to fine-tune general operations and meet the standards expected of a responsible tourism business. Templates include sample compendiums, health and safety manuals, cancellation policies, cleaning schedules and environmental policies.

Marketing chain power

To ensure consistent quality throughout their chain, many tourism marketing groups require their members to be Qualmark rated or endorsed, including Golden Chain, TOP 10 Holiday Parks, Kiwi Holiday Parks, Bella Vista Motels, Mainstay New Zealand Hotels, Family Parks and the 5 Star Accommodation group. Depending on the nature of your business, belonging to a marketing group can significantly influence your business performance.

DOC acceptance

If you’re seeking a Department of Conservation concession, you will need a fully-audited health and safety plan. DOC recognises the strength of the Qualmark endorsement, and is happy to accept Qualmark evaluations as fulfilment of this requirement.