How Qualmark brings customers to your door

When your business carries a Qualmark rating, the symbol is working as a customer attractant on many levels.

Instant recognition and trust

A Qualmark or Enviro sign is visible evidence that you care enough to have your business formally evaluated. It gives visitors the confidence to buy. Independent research shows there is over 92% satisfaction rate for people who use Qualmark accommodation providers.

Priority listing on

Qualmark licensees get top billing on New Zealand's official travel website,, which receives more than 18,000,000 visits a year. Latest figures show that Qualmark rated or endorsed businesses receive on average four times more direct visits from this site. Tourism New Zealand's official travel trade site, which also promotes Qualmark to travel sellers, gets more than 124,000 visits a year.

Inclusion with international trade operator training

Tourism New Zealand promotes Qualmark when they're training trade operators in key international markets. They also mention specific licensees during the training. Typically, more than 17,000 influential travel trade staff are exposed to Qualmark through online and face-to-face training sessions every year.

Nationwide publicity through i-SITE

All i-SITE visitor information centres throughout New Zealand strongly support Qualmark. Data has shown that Qualmark rated and endorsed operators get a greater share of bookings. Some i-SITE centres promote Qualmark operators exclusively, because they want to ensure a quality experience for their customers.

Credibility with booking websites

Many of the most credible New Zealand and international booking websites recognise and promote Qualmark licensees, including,,,,,, and stay247.

Greater access to inbound tour operators

The Tourism Export Council's inbound tour operators – who are all Qualmark endorsed are responsible for a significant proportion of New Zealand's inbound travel business. They are required to make sure that 75% of the commissionable products they use are Qualmark rated or endorsed.

Access to other marketing opportunities

Qualmark can open the door to valuable exclusive business opportunities, such as inclusion with ADS China tours, access to cruise passengers through the Port of Tauranga i-SITE, and Tourism New Zealand's Kiwilink initiatives.