Code of ethics

The Qualmark Code of Ethics requires Qualmark Licence Holders, in conjunction with their business, to:

  1. Recognise and affirm the right of the customer to courteous, prompt and honest service;
  2. Maintain high standards and fair practice in all business transactions;
  3. Accord customers of all cultural origins equal respect and consideration;
  4. Price goods and services fairly and unambiguously in New Zealand dollars;
  5. Ensure that advertising is accurate and truthful, and free of any device which could create a misleading impression or otherwise be contrary to the public interest;
  6. Establish and maintain procedures for the prompt handling of complaints, ensuring that all inquiries, refunds and returns of goods (where applicable) are dealt with properly and reasonably;
  7. Keep proper books of account and conduct all affairs in a professional manner;
  8. Uphold and observe all laws and regulations pertaining to their establishment, particularly those governing the provision and sale of goods and services;
  9. Meet all responsibilities to employees by observing all laws and awards, by giving proper training and instruction, by providing adequate working conditions, equipment and facilities and supervising standards of safety and work practices;
  10. Act in an environmentally responsible way;
  11. Maintain high standards both in equipment and procedures to ensure that customer safety is protected as much as reasonably possible given type of business activity;
  12. Uphold the interests and reputation of New Zealand as a quality destination for visitors and travellers, offering friendly, hospitable service.