Membership Fees

To support our members while borders were closed, we suspended membership fees in March 2020. With the borders re-opened, we reviewed and simplified our fee structure, and resumed our fees in April 2023.

Fee Structure

The new fee structure consists of 4 tiers, starting at $850 (+ GST) for a 12-month term. Please note, charges may vary slightly depending on your business model.

Tier Turnover Fee (excl GST)
Tier 1  Under $3m $850
Tier 2  $3m to $10m $1500
Tier 3  $10m to $20m $2000
Tier 4  Above $20m $5000


For our current members, on April 20th 2023, you will have been charged from the 1st of April up until your membership anniversary date. If that is not a full 12 months, then the invoice amount will be a pro-rated portion of the full annual fee.

For example, if you joined Qualmark in June 2022, you would have received an invoice in April 2023 for the period of April 2023 – May 2023.    

You would then receive an invoice on your anniversary date (in the above example, in June) for the following full 12 months, with a 30% discount applied to this transaction. 

If you have any questions regarding the above please reach out to our accounts team at, and for any general enquiries, please email us at

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Qualmark remains focused on supporting our members to deliver high quality experiences for the domestic and international markets and to help ensure you are set-up for success to recover and rebound sustainably for the long term. 

We are continuing to work on some exciting improvements to the Qualmark offering, including improving our evaluation process and providing tools and resources to help build capability, available on our online members portal.

Please check out the latest QualNews for updates and insights. Click here to subscribe to QualNews.
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