MH HUE 36 v2

Qualmark’s accommodation members are a varied bunch but PurePods is arguably our most unique. Described by one of its clients as “glamping on steroids”, PurePods is a luxury option for guests looking to get away from it all.

Started in 2014 as an experiment, PurePods has grown into a boutique environmentally sustainable, off the grid, accommodation business and has earned a Qualmark 5 Star Holiday Home grade and Gold Sustainable Tourism Business Award.  At its essence, PurePods is a glass cabin situated in the middle of nowhere. What sets the accommodation apart is the intricate detail and technology that has gone into the accommodation offering.  PurePod is built to patented specifications including triple glazed glass, remote operational management, automated windows, bio-fuel capable heating, eco-friendly, off-grid, low maintenance sewage system, patented underfloor heating, designer kitchen and bathroom facilities, and “the comfiest bed they could find”.  As a result of the extensive research and development, each PurePod is actually more environmentally friendly than traditional camping.

“The PurePod is driven by the 100% Pure New Zealand experience and provides a 100% unique immersive nature experience.  Its transparent floor, ceiling and walls immerse guests in the landscape.  Plants grow beneath the heated floor, the stars glow through the roof and the visitors within are kept warm and dry in their see-through cocoon.  Each PurePod is the same, it’s the landscape that is different and makes the experience unique,” says Stephanie Hassall, CEO of PurePods.

PurePods as the sun sets

PurePods’ business model is also unique in that it is a sustainable partnership with land-owners. “Back in 2014 we put a call out to the farming community that we were looking for land for a PurePod. We were looking for landowners with the same ethos as us, a passion for the environment, sustainability and best practice.  The approach worked and we now have six permanent PurePods situated in remote parts of Canterbury and Kaikoura that offer farmers an additional income stream and our guests guaranteed privacy,” says Stephanie.

“In fact, we’ve been approached by farmers up and down the country from Coromandel to Stewart Island offering space on their land for PurePods, so we are looking forward to adding more PurePods in other beautiful parts of the country over the next few years.”

PurePods’ sustainable tourism model and perfect fit with the 100% Pure New Zealand ethos impressed Qualmark Tourism Business Advisors Di Harris and Kevin Gough who jointly assessed the company.

“This is a completely new form of commercial accommodation, built in New Zealand with a global patent to the highest eco standards, and run by a young team. They actually resisted Qualmark for a while believing they didn’t’ fit the 5 Star accommodation mould.  Our new rating system provided the solution. They are a unique member of Qualmark and offer a very special experience for visitors,” says Di.