Qualmark celebrates 30th anniversary

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On the 26th October 2023, Qualmark celebrates our official 30th anniversary. The New Zealand organisation has been supporting thousands of tourism businesses operate sustainably since 1993.  

“Qualmark is in it for the long haul, we are passionate about helping businesses succeed and supporting New Zealand’s goals of being a destination where tourism gives back more than it takes,” says Qualmark General Manager, Steven Dixon.  

Qualmark is a subsidiary of Tourism New Zealand and provides assurance that a business has been independently validated as a quality tourism business.   

Recent research from YOUGOV shows consumers are adopting more conscious and sustainable travel habits. With the data showing that more than four in ten global consumers agree they are willing to pay more for responsible, eco-friendly, and sustainable trips and that almost half (48%) place high importance on selecting travel companies with a strong sustainability policy. 

“Globally, consumers are increasingly becoming more conscious and looking for credible products and experiences that operate sustainably. We work with over 2000 businesses to help them do this and our vision is to see all New Zealand tourism businesses sign up so they are best placed to cater for what consumers are expecting and looking for.” 

Qualmark’s STB Criteria was recently the first in New Zealand to gain GSTC-Recognised Status from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). This means Qualmark members can be confident that achieving Qualmark certification meets global standards of sustainability and that travellers can be assured of a globally recognised accreditation.

“Congratulations to Qualmark on their 30-year journey. As this milestone signifies the start of a promising new chapter, we extend our best wishes for continued success. Their alignment of the STB Criteria with the Four Pillars of the GSTC Criteria, further strengthens their commitment to promoting a more sustainable future for New Zealand” says Randy Durband, Chief Executive Officer of GSTC.   

Qualmark’s work is supported by key tourism partners such as New Zealand’s national carrier, Air New Zealand.  

“Air New Zealand is proud to support these New Zealand operators and the Qualmark standard by only featuring tourism activities and attractions that have achieved a Gold, Silver or Bronze Qualmark award on Air New Zealand’s website.” says Leanne Geraghty, Chief Customer and Sales Officer at Air New Zealand. 

Qualmark also works with industry bodies to set standards for the industry. The Tourism Export Council of New Zealand mandates that all members must be Qualmark accredited and includes using at least 75% suppliers who are also Qualmark accredited in the various categories to ensure high quality products and experiences are delivered through inbound tour operators.  

“Qualmark plays an integral role in the industry to uphold and maintain quality standards and we value and appreciate the good work they do,” says Lynda Keene, Chief Executive Tourism Export Council of New Zealand. 

An exciting new partnership between Qualmark and Orbit World Travel signifies a promising future ahead. "We are really excited about our new partnership with Qualmark. This partnership gives us a great opportunity to spotlight the hotels in New Zealand that are doing a great job at being sustainable. It also encourages us to keep sustainability front-of-mind for the travel we arrange for our clients so we can ensure our clients are advised on their best, most sustainable travel options, ultimately ensuring that together we can make a difference. Congratulations on your 30th anniversary Qualmark!"

Thomas Patterson, Manager of Martins Bay Holiday Park, a member of Qualmark for 29 years says “Our association with Qualmark means that potential customers searching for a place to visit, holiday and experience trust us to provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable place to experience the best of Auckland’s outdoors, and we pride ourselves on exceeding those expectations year-after-year."